About Us

Welcome to Aktienwelt360! Glad you found your way to us.

What is Aktienwelt360?

On the one hand, we are a young website that was launched at the end of 2022. On the other hand, we have been on the Internet since 2014. How is that possible?

Quite simple: in 2014, The Motley Fool, a multimedia company for financial services from the USA, founded a subsidiary in Germany. Some of us joined The Motley Fool shortly after and successfully worked for the site www.fool.de.
Eight years later, the decision was made in America to discontinue the German business. We thought that was a shame, because in those years we had grown together into a great community of members and authors, in which working was a lot of fun.

So nine of us teamed up with two external stock geeks, took over the German offshoot of The Motley Fool and now continue to run it on our own – under the name Aktienwelt360.

What do we want to achieve with Aktienwelt360?

The name changes, but our particular culture remains the same. Our mission remains focused on helping people take control of their finances and build wealth over the long term. That’s why we want to contribute to the public discussion around investing with understandable language and clear opinions, provide valuable investor know-how and build a growing community of like-minded people. It is our belief that strengthening the investor mindset is the key to success in investing.

And while we don’t take ourselves too seriously and like to inject a little joviality and fun, we do take some values very seriously:

  • Honesty and transparency: We hide nothing and stand by our successes and failures alike.
  • Flexibility and creativity: We remain flexible and continuously look for innovative solutions to provide our members with an even better service.
  • Diversity and respect: We pursue the same goal, but are aware that different paths lead there. We value diverse perspectives and foster an enriching culture of discussion.

For us, the focus is not on share prices, but on good companies. We regard the small daily fluctuations in share prices as noise, because we look to the future with a long time horizon and are convinced that time will play into our hands if we succeed in guiding shares in some of the best companies in the world into our portfolio.

Our investment universe includes all stocks that are readily tradable with the usual brokers, with a focus on the German-speaking countries and the USA. When selecting stocks, fundamental factors such as healthy finances, long-term growth potential and strong management with a clear strategy play the main role for us. And of course valuation, which should promise market-beating returns. Stock screening with past ratios and technical analysis play a secondary role at best.
However, we do not limit ourselves to stocks. Rather, our analysts also contribute their individual preferences and their different personal situations when investing for the benefit of readers and members.

In addition to general tips and tricks on good investing and money management, we thus also provide varied content on other asset classes such as ETFs, funds, commodities, investment certificates and innovative cryptos. In addition, we want to take a clear stance on when it is particularly worthwhile to invest based on the macro environment and stock market sentiment, and when increased caution is advised. Whereby it is also clear that we invest with a long-term time horizon and do not try to time the market.

All right?

If you have any questions, please feel free to write to us at any time:

Aktienwelt360 GmbH
(formerly:  The Motley Fool GmbH)
c/o Cormoran GmbH
Am Zirkus 2
10117 Berlin

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